Statistics – prices

Statistical analyses

  1.  Analysis: from 200 to 1000 USD – normal price is 900 USD.
  2.  Advice plus analysis: from 500 USD to 1200 USD – normally 700 USD.
  3.  Full project or with a grant: from 600 USD to 2000 USD, normally 1500 USD.

(Maximum prices don’t apply to very large projects, including grants where the actual costs are difficult to predict. All prices include VAT; the price list does not include fees for help with writing the article.)

Statistical Advice:

Providing advice on statistical analyses concerning planned projects is difficult to organize due to the necessary and time-consuming analysis of the planned research work. However, we can provide general advice on the following topics:

1) Power studies concerning sample size.

2) Selecting an appropriate methods of statistical analysis.

3) Including a control group.

4) Consideration of the project design.

5) Including “adjustors” for regression analyses.

6) “Pre-registration” of a hypothesis or database.

7) Analysis of questionnaires.

8) Creating and searching databases.


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