Editing prices

The prices for scientific editing or translation of a scientific paper range is around 1000 PLN (300 dollars) per manuscript.

Email:               jeremyclarkbio@gmail.com     

https://cmbstats.com   Jeremy Clark, Prof. PUM.

A discount system is shown below – for the next contract or this one (below):


You can get a discount for your next contract, if you persuade a new client to submit their manuscript for editing or translation BEFORE YOU SUBMIT YOUR NEXT ARTICLE.

For this rebate, a new client is someone who has never submitted a manuscript to us before and either is from the same department (you get discount AA) or is from a different DEPARTMENT (you get DISCOUNT BB) or INSTITUTE (you get DISCOUNT CC) from someone who has submitted a manuscript to us before. A list of departments and Institutes which do not count as new (for BB and CC) is given at the end of the Standard letter sent to you. The rebates on the website are liable to change without warning. If the rebates differ between the website and the last standard letter which was sent to you – then the higher rebate applicable at the time of application for the rebate is given. You can always upgrade a rebate by finding another new client.




Please note that you can apply for a future rebate at any time during or after this contract is completed, by sending the Standard Letter to us again with the name of the new client who will submit the article. Note the new client actually has to submit an article to me in order for you to obtain a discount. The NEW CLIENT gets DISCOUNT DD if from the same department or DISCOUNT EE if from a DIFFERENT DEPARTMENT or INSTITUTE.

One contract can only have one discount. Each discount applies to only one manuscript. A discount cannot be applied to work already paid for. Other discount systems might be in operation.

DISCOUNT SYSTEM – THIS CONTRACT. On rare occasions, the rebate system in the section entitled “DISCOUNT SYSTEM – NEXT CONTRACT” can apply TO THIS CONTRACT by negotiation. This will probably mean that you do not get your correction/translation returned to you until we have received a signed contract from a new client.

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