az – Instructions   for   making an   appointment

If you wish to take advantage of CMB services then the following route is recommended:

1) To arrange one meeting, check the Appointments Calendar (on the right) for two suitable spaces for a meeting with CMB members. If you click on the boxes on the Calendar this will show the times and dates already booked, but you cannot change the Calendar bookings here. Provisionally book an appointment either on the Register page or the Further communication page (if you have a CMB project number) by choosing two possible free dates and times suitable for yourself and, hopefully, we can confirm one of these dates. REMEMBER THAT THERE IS ONLY LIMITED TIME AVAILABLE – so the sooner you make an appointment the greater the likelihood of success !

Please go to one of our contact forms: for first contact to “Register or Book an Appointment” (click here), or for follow-up to “Further communication with CMB” (click here).

2) Please gather as much detail as you can about the EXPERIMENTAL or CLINICAL side of your project, including one (or several) previously published papers which reflect similar experimental or clinical research – and bring these to the meeting. The meeting time allotted will be one and a half hours (including for administrative purposes), plus two days for research and analysis.

We look forward to seeing you.

CMB members



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