a Internal Instructions for Calendar

Make sure an event is marked with you as BUSY – otherwise it won’t be seen in “general public” mode.

For each project:
1.  Mark one day on the Calendar for FIRST CONTACT MEETING as agreed with project coordinator.
2. Mark a further TWO DAYS  AS NEAR AS POSSIBLE TO THE NCN DEADLINE ie. that these days will be filled up backwards – indicating that we need these days in order to FURTHER ANALYSE (perhaps with a further meeting with project coordinator if necessary) and for any last minute problems which might occur.
3. Further meetings can of course be arranged at other times.


To embed Calender:
1) Go to Google Calendar – find settings for that calendar (click arrow to right of calendar name)
2) Make sure it is public
3) Copy embed coding to wordpress CALENDAR CONVERSION PAGE in text view !!! Update to convert.
4) Copy converted coding to text widget where the calendar is to be located eg. in Appearance – widgets – content sidebar.


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