Design Audit

The primary role of CMB is to audit, ie. check, the project design for clinical and experimental proposed studies ie. at the planning stage, to carry out a power study, to pre-register the study if necessary, and to organise all statistics to be done. The earlier you contact us after initial planning of a project the better, as we can then give some advice on how to proceed.

BEFORE a project is submitted to other committees the MD (or other project coordinator) will be allowed to approach, and work with, a panel of scientists who will work with the project coordinator to achieve optimal design in two areas: (1) the design of the clinical research and (2) the statistical aspects of the clinical research.

We intend to facilitate the above using interactive internet questionnaires and, for example, tools for power studies, in order to allow efficient internal scientific audit – ie. BEFORE SUBMISSION OF GRANT PROPOSALS.
Note that the use of power studies might allow certain publications with negative results to be published (eg. in PEERJ or PLOS ONE).

This will result in a quantum-leap in scientific standards at the University, will result in less design errors and will give more significant results to be published in journals with a higher impact factor, thus resulting in an increase in funding for the University.

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