C.M.B. tasks for your project

Major tasks need to be carried out at the start of every project. Nowadays some journals are demanding:

1. A power study for every study to be carried out to determine the correct sample size to be used.

2. Pre-registration of every study. 


CMB will carry out the above, and additionally:

3. Run a check on the project design.

4. Organise all statistics to be done during and after completion.


The aim is to forge contact between project coordinators and CMB as soon as possible at initiation of the project, to allow advice to be given on project design, pre-registration, power studies and other things which need to be done at the start of a project.

This will involve meeting between CMB and the project coordinator, initial stage research by members of CMB, further meetings, and final agreement on project design and number of subjects/ samples.

Correct project design will result in huge savings of University and Hospital resources, with publications produced which are scientifically of higher standard and at higher impact factor, and in general the standards in medical scientific research will improve.

Following scientific design audit, CMB members will work with the project coordinator in order to organise a designated statistician – who will then become part of the Statistician Net. The designated statistician will be responsible for implementation of statistical analysis of results, and will report to CMB.

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