a Internal Instructions for coding

Note that many things can be achieved with wordpress.com by using:

1) ability of wordpress to change instructions into shortcode or html – eg. add a link on a page in “visual” mode will then give html code in “text” mode.

eg. Note that the  Calendar Conversion page is for adding script from Google Calendar – which wordpress then converts to shortcode to be added to a TEXT WIDGET.

2) the TEXT WIDGET is very useful, as above, and also for introducing coding from elsewhere. To EDIT a text widget – if it is a Google App then it needs to be edited in Google Drive. Otherwise go to Dashboard pages – click “Add Contact Form” – even if you’re not adding anything ! – this might allow some editing.


1. Always set a Calendar event to show that you are BUSY.


1. When manipulating WIDGETS,  at the top it is possible to use “Screen options”, “enable/disable accessibility” – note these both give DIFFERENT options for the Widgets.

2. The “Home” page is “#17 (no title)” – to make page title different from navigation title – first change page title in pages, then change navigation title in menus.

3. nbsp; gives space. br / inside of pointed brackets, perhaps twice, gives line break

Google Apps:
1. To create a stand-alone Google App with a URL, go to Google Drive, open a spreadsheet or form, tools, script editor, create script then run, authorize, if changed then need to go to File, manage versions, save new version, THEN publish.

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